Widget Settings

When you register a new widget area, the widget area will define certain tags and classes for any widgets it contains. You can set these tags and classes from the Gridgets settings.

Go to Settings > Gridgets in your dashboard. Under the ‘General’ tab are some options to set the widget wrapper class and page title:


The ‘Widget Tag’ is the HTML element that will wrap any widgets in your widget areas. You can specify classes for the wrapper in the ‘Widget Classes’ field.

The ‘Widget Title Tag’ is the HTML element that will wrap the widget title. Specify classes in the ‘Widget Title Classes’ field.

Hide the page title

This feature attempts to allow you to hide page titles on certain pages. When you select this option, it filters the page title and returns a null value. This will only work if your theme is correctly using the the_title tag so if the page title is still displaying after checking this option, you will need to take a look at your theme files.


Adding widgets to your widget area

You can add widgets to your widget areas in exactly the same way you would for standard widget areas created with your theme, namely via the Appearance > Widgets screen in your dashboard or through the Customizer. Using the Customizer is by far the best way, though, as it allows you to see what the content looks like as you add it.

Go to your page and click on the ‘Customize’ button in the admin bar. The Customizer panel will open. Click on Widgets then select the name of your widget area. Click the ‘Add a Widget’ button.


You can now choose from all the widgets available to you. Click your selected widget and begin to edit it.


Create a sidebar for a page

Gridgets work by allowing you to create sidebars on individual pages. You can add widgets to these sidebars, just like standard sidebars, and the widgets will display above the page content. You can define styles for the sidebars, like background color and images, and define a layout so that the widgets you add display in columns.

To add a sidebar to a page, just edit the page as normal. Under the main content editor, you’ll find a new custom field section entitled ‘Widget Areas Before Content’.


Enter a name for your new widget area and click ‘Add Widget Area’. This will register a new widget area on your site that will only display on one page.


You can add as many widget areas to your page as you like.

Adding widgets to the widget area

When you’ve added your widget area, you can view the page then click on the ‘Customizer’ button in the admin bar to open the Customizer panel and preview. Click on Widgets and you’ll see your new widget area.


Click into the new widget area to start adding widgets.